The Secret Company

A studio building scalable, remote, self-funded businesses


At The Family, we've been supporting startups on their journeys for several years now. And if there is something we’ve learned, it’s that successful companies need to go through different stages. 

Phase #1: Creation.

Only very few people go through this stage successfully. It’s a fine line between craziness and genius: it’s hard to know if what you're building is going to work up until you’re proven right by the market.

Phase #2: Growth.
When it comes to growing, you’ll need a lot of determination and courage. But essentially, you have already paved the way for success. 


So we asked ourselves a question . . .
Why the hell would you focus on stage #1, when you could simply skip straight to stage #2 ?

. . . And found an answer!

Instead of racking your brain to find THE idea, pick up a project that is already underway, just waiting for you to make it grow. 

So how does it work? Chat with Blondy and join us to develop a scalable, remote, self-funded business, in less than 12 months.

We have built exciting products, already released on the market, with obvious traction.

As you probably know, at The Family we truly believe that ANYONE can become an entrepreneur. So by joining The Secret Company, you'll become one:

•  Have real shares in the business

•  Set your goals, manage your team and P&L

•  Benefit from our support, network & extra loving 

You'll bring energy, hustle and determination. 

Ready to start?