We are a crew of entrepreneurs, marketers and hackers, secret co-founder
of 10+ bootstrapped startups

 in 3 years, we went from 0 to 20 million € ARR 

From helping you identify your life enterprise project idea, find you a tech co-founder, create a powerful brand identity to your business, to putting our hands dirty with you to find your product-market fit and unlock traction...


 (and we love to win.) 


“Secret” ?!


« Do you know what a secret really is?

It's something you can tell everyone, but only a very few people will actually understand it. »

We deeply believe that anyone has a secret superpower. 
Sometimes it’s a soft skill, a privileged access to a market, an asset, a hard skill or a passion… 
That secret superpower is a crazy unfair advantage when it comes to building a successful venture.
And you’re lucky: our favorite game is to find yours.

Also, every company has a secret: the thing that makes it successful (and sometimes legendary)
It can be an innovative positioning, an atypical attempt to penetrate a market, a bold execution strategy... 
For example, McDonald's changed dimension the day its founder realized that he was playing a real estate game, not a burger & fries one.
Most of the time, that secret is not obvious to find. 

We love to iterate with the entrepreneurs with whom we co-create these startups, to find that thing that will make their business shine & rise.


The only metric we follow on a weekly basis is to be game changer with the entrepreneurs we co-create companies with

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« They pay the bills for the first 12 months, and finally found us our CTO, who is now one of our best friends. »

Valentin, CEO @ VYS Games

« I met The Secret Company while I was experiencing a Servers crisis. They went into commando mode for a few days and saved my company... I think it's a good example of what they did for us during our company's ifrst year »

Mat, CEO @ Wide

5 million downloads. 1 million active users.

From 1 Shopify app to an ambitious multi-apps studio

« The Secret Company helped us :

      1) First, manage a crisis with one of our co-founders

      2) Then, set up new growth sprints every week

      3) Finally, facilitate a joint venture that leads us to

We went from 15 000$ to 200 000$ MRR in 12 months. »

Thibault, CEO @ Influspy.com

From 1 micro-SaaS to the supertool of their market

« I call them every time I’m stressed, lost, or need to talk Strategy. I have a profound trust in them. They show me they were skin in the game, and there when I need them. »

Camille, CEO @my_parcoursup

Create the #1 student orientation Media on Insta & TikTok

From a crashed startup to a new super ambitious venture

« I had just lived a great adventure by refusing to raise 1 million euros and by crashing my first startup. 
With the team of The Secret Company, we reused this experience to double down on the Creator Economy and start from a healthy base to create a new, hyper ambitious, profitable project! »

Corentin, CEO @ FREELAND

Build THE dream ecosystem for all young talented engineers

« We are product guys at heart… The Secret Company helps us develop our sales, content marketing & growth strategy. BIG LOVE FOR THESE PIRATES <3 »

Morgan, CEO @ Sparkmate

And even more growing companies we can't talk about... 🤫


From a 5$ budget project to a Top 1500 finance website

« When I first started working with The Secret Company, I was a 16-year-old kid who was a little overwhelmed by all the things that were happening on StaySAFU.org They helped me deal with it all and grow with me my company. This team is incredibly helpful (at any time of the day or night...) »

Sacha, CEO @ Mobula


Welcome inside
The Secret Company

This is the onboarding document we send to every entrepreneur we co-create bootstrap startups with.



If you are reading these words, it means that you are starting a new adventure with us.

They will help you to better understand our story, our territory, our areas of action, what you can expect from us as co-founders, what we like above all as humans, or our view on the topic of fundraising.

Also better visualize the next 12 months to come : Chaos, Love, and Roller Coaster.


The Secret Company is a team of serial entrepreneurs, with a pirate mindset, secret co-founders of 10+ growing companies.

Our passion ? Winning. And making you win at the same time.

Our favorite game ? The first 12 months of the history of product companies: muses or startups (the difference is almost nonexistent the first 12 months anyway).

And use those first 12 months in the best way. 

Make the smartest execution choices, to win, and win as fast as possible, in the best conditions.

This includes detecting...

Receive the rest of the document

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We have created an ecosystem of top growth marketing agencies, free for our entrepreneurs


The agency that dusted off the Google SEO market,

with a "hands on" approach and not a "PowerPoint" one


Secret agents, piloting robots, automating mass-prospection on Instagram, Linkedin 

Content marketing enthusiasts, whose goal is to make you and your team the gurus, the emblems of your market

Capture d’écran 2021-06-14 à 01.16.24.

And more agencies in the making...

Web & mobile development: PACKMAN is the one-stop shop to create your Minimum Viable Product

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What our 12 months program looks like


We meet here!

Then begins our favorite game: helping you find your life project idea.
This can mean coming up with different ideas that we have in stock, that we believe in and that we think will fit you perfectly. Or it can be about getting a new creative spark from our discussions. Maybe you will even be starting a new project already, which you will want to run with us. Our role will then be to sublimate your idea through execution, raise the level of ambition of the project by 10x, or sometimes convince you to pivot if we think it is better for your future.

This phase can be proactive and timed (from 24h to 1 month), or passive over time (from 1 to 12 months after we met)

Month 1

... Onboarding within The Secret Company

... Test of the product-market fit on the market, through interviews and sales attempts in "fake it until you make it" mode

... Choice of the best market positioning for your project

... Creation of a strong graphic identity

... Definition of a precise roadmap with a 30 days horizon

This phase is essential to lay a solid foundation, to be able to create the most legendary building together afterwards.

Month 2

Receive the rest of the document

Thank you for your interest! Our team will send you this by email.


The bonus to co-create with us


We think our main value is to be super-creative minds

Do you know THE thing that has created significant growth at Snapchat recently? It's not onboarding optimization... It's not in-app A/B testing... It's their marketing team getting around the table and brainstorming about the next WTF augmented reality facial filters. 

Boundless creativity is the key that very often makes the difference.

We love to play this game.

Our team will give everything for 12 months with you.

Even some of our nights and week-ends.

We will open our network. Even the closest.

We are skin in the game players.

Your success is our success, period.

An infinite amount of energy is necessary to get a project of the ground

We will be there for you when you need it.

When the sea is agitated.

When it's difficult to find sleep.

When you have doubts or face a crisis.

Our entrepreneurs know this: we will always pick up the phone, even at night.

Love is the only thing that has ever moved mountains

We know how stressful these topics can be.

Our team of Legal, Admin & Finance experts are here to help you.

You can focus on your business, your growth, your teams :-)

Legal, Admin & Finance support


We have negotiated for our companies, discounts & freebies on key tools such as Hubspot (free premium plan), Pennylane or AWS ($100 000 in free credits)...

Perks & freebies, key to getting started

Together we are stronger. The Secret Company, with The Family as co-founding partner, allows you to become part of an ecosystem of hundreds of founders, with whom you can exchange knowledge, tools, advices, networks, ambition, moments of doubt and friendships. So much important.

Access a community of hundreds of entrepreneurs

We are (very) ambitious people.

We'll be over the moon if you want to stay self-funded and seek exponential growth anyway.
We'll help you if you prefer to raise funds.

Being associated with The Secret Company means being linked for life with a team that loves to win above all else. And aiming for a new record after each victory 😉

Ambition, as a cherry on the cake

The Secret is that you need chaos inside you to give birth to a dancing star


Don't want to create
an ambitious startup?

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the adventure?

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